More life in every garden

We notice citizens looking for qualitative products and convenient services matching their own lifestyles. At the same time we see an increasing need (interest) for bonding with nature. The private garden is the ideal place to fulfil these needs, people only lack inspiration, time and knowledge. House of Green offers you solutions so that not only you and your family, but also the birds and butterflies will discover the lush and diversity of your green garden.

Smart and sustainable within reach

From our design studio and garden furniture store in the city centre of The Hague we bring ideas to life and solutions within reach. The products and services of House of Green will help you to realise a smart and sustainable outdoor living. We think that the decoration of your outdoor living deserves the same care and attention as your interior. We have a great range of eco-friendly products and all-weather solutions. House of Green helps you to expand your interior into your outdoor area.

Modular and personal approach

Gardening can be a real challenge. That’s why our experienced and enthusiastic garden professionals like to lend you a hand while taking your wishes and environmental factors into account. Our approach consists of a modular approach that fits with your personal wishes, pace and budget. Just like you, we want your garden, balcony or terrace to flourish!

Contact us

Do you wish to know more about what House of Green can do for your garden, terrace or business garden? Please contact us via info@houseofgreen.nl or 0031 (0) 70-7370747.  Our experienced garden professionals are happy to assist you.


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