Process steps  

At House of Green you can expect a comprehensive professional garden design including support during the renovation. You can choose for yourself which approach is best for you and where you would like to add our experience and creativity.

Step 1: Free consultation

We start with a free consultation with one of our designers. During that consultation you will meet one of our garden designers to discuss your needs, principles and the possibilities for your garden or terrace. On the basis of this discussion, we jointly determine whether there is a click and we will present our proposal to create a garden design.

Step 2: Concept design

After your confirmation, the garden designer comes to your home to discuss your wishes in more detail with you. The outdoor area is measured and pictures are taken of the current situation. If required, we also provide and discuss reference images to know exactly what you have in mind.

After that we will process all the information into a concept design including notes, reference images and suggestions for planting and materials. We also add 3D impressions. The result is presented and discussed with you in person and after that you will receive the plan digitally.

Step 3: Final design

To make sure to pay attention to every detail we will further work on the design and create a final design. We work everything out in elaborate drawings with dimensions and heights, comments, materialization and a well thought out planting scheme. Depending on your requirements we make detailed drawings of paving patterns, fences and material transitions.

Step 4 : Implementation guidance and procurement

After the completion of the final design we help you with the construction management including procurement. Together we select some appropriate gardeners or constructors and explain them the design so they make you a detailed quotation. If you wish, we check these offers for you and advise you on the options provided.

During implementation we are the point of contact for you and the gardener. We are ready for consultations and advice and can discuss common challenges that arise during the execution.

Step 5: After service

After service is the last, but certainly not least important step in our process. Every garden requires maintenance and the quality of maintenance determines partly the pleasure that you get from your garden. Whatever the size of your garden or patio, we can create a maintenance plan for you where you can decide whether you want to do it yourself or have it done by a gardener.

Do you wish to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your outdoor space? Or do you have any questions regarding the above steps ? Please feel free to contact us via telephone: 0031 (0) 70-7370747 or email:


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